Okta SSO Integration

Connect your Single-Sign-On account with Comeet and reap the benefits of allowing your teammates to sign in easily and automatically sync with your Okta people management setup.


  • Stay in-sync: Keep Comeet in sync with the company’s Okta.
  • Import new users with ease: Current users in Okta can easily be added to Comeet.
  • One click log-in into Comeet for Okta users.
  • Off-boarding users: Disabling the user’s access to the application through Okta will block from accessing Comeet


  • In order to enable the integration, all settings must be properly completed and SSO be activated in Comeet settings –> Authentication tab.

Configuration instructions

Setting up the integration can be done by the following company roles in Comeet: Owner, Admin and IT Admin.

  1. Sign in to your Okta admin account and go to Applications tab to add a new application:
  2. Find Comeet in the list and add it to your account:
  3. Click on Comeet in the list of added applications and click on General tab. Copy the Embed link:

  4. Insert the Embed link ink into the SAML SSO URL field in Comeet settings –> Authentication –> Okta
  5. In Okta, click on the sign-on tab. Right-click on “Identity Provider metadata” and copy the metadata URL:
  6. Insert the Metadata URL in the correct field in Comeet settings –> Authentication –> Okta and click Connect
  7. In Okta, click on the Provisioning tab –> To app and insert the values as seen in the following screenshot and click Save:
  8. In Comeet, copy the unique Okta OAuth Bearer Token for your company
  9. In Okta, click on the Provisioning tab –> API Integration and insert the value in API token field:
  10. Once the the information is inserted correctly in Comeet, click Connect:
  11. Once the Okta integration is connected, click Activate in order to require all users to sign in with SSO. This option will be available after the first user in connected using the SSO.
    After this activation, users who are authorized in the SSO will not be able to access Comeet.

Best practice

In Okta – add to the Comeet app a group that includes everyone in the company. This is strongly recommended as it will allow to easily invite teammates through Comeet without going through the company’s IT department.

Sign up using SSO

  • Sign up from Comeet’s website – users are redirected to sign in on your company’s SSO. If they are already signed up, they will be re-directed to Comeet.
  • Sign in through the list of apps in your organization (from OKTA)


Q: What happens when an employee leaves the company?
The teammate will no longer be able to log in to Comeet. On the teammates page the person will be marked as “Deactivated by SSO”.
To reassign tasks and roles of employees that leave click “Deactivate” and choose the teammate to whom to assign current tasks.
Q: How permissions and roles in Comeet are managed?
Okta allows or disallows teammates to sign in to Comeet. Teammates permissions in Comeet are determined by the company roles and position roles in Comeet.
Have more questions? Contact us at support@comeet.co