Comeet for Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers are a key component to decision making when choosing the perfect candidate. Therefore, the Hiring Manager access to most information during the hiring process. Hiring Managers can change the position status, edit all candidates for a position, and really take charge when needed.

Hiring Manager Basics:

  • Add a Participant to a Step:
    When viewing a step in the workflow, more teammates can be added to a step by clicking Add participant. This can be used so that any teammate added can complete the step, but it can also be used to organize a panel of interviewers for an Interview step.
  • Complete Step on Behalf of Another:
    Comeet allows users to act on behalf of other teammates to help streamline the hiring process.
  • Create a New Position
  • Define the Scorecard:
    The position scorecard allows you to select the traits that you would like to evaluate candidates on.
  • Change Position Status                                                                                                                                    When a position is create it is automatically set to Open, however, you can change it be On-Hold and Closed.
  • Images for Social Networks:
    Comeet allows you to upload images that are shared on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can upload images for the company’s logo and social images for positions.

To better understand how Comeet works, check out our Quick Start video for Hiring Managers.

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