Resolve Duplications

Whenever new candidates are added to Comeet, the system automatically checks for duplicates by comparing names, contact information, and resume text. Possible duplicates are flagged. You can keep the new candidate, delete it entirely, or merge the new profile with an existing profile.

Assigning a Role to Resolve Duplications

To decide who is responsible for the duplicate check step:

Click on your company name in the top right corner –> Settings –> Automation, and click to decide who is responsible for the duplicate check step.

To learn more about Automation, read this page.

When Comeet suspects that a duplicate candidate has been added, a duplicate check step is created.

At the duplicate check step, you see the five-attribute system that Comeet’s sound-like detection system uses to suspect duplicate candidates. On the left side, you see the candidate that was just added and is suspected to be a duplicate, and on the right side you see your existing candidates. You have three ways to proceed at a duplicate check step: 

1) Delete candidate – if the new candidate is indeed a duplicate and you wish to delete the new candidate, click Delete candidate.

2) Not a duplicate – if the potential duplicate candidate is not a duplicate, click Not a duplicate.

3) Duplicate – if the new candidate is indeed a duplicate and you wish to merge his information with an existing candidate, select Duplicate.

After you have gone through all potential duplicate candidates and selected at least one that is a Duplicate, you are given several options:

You can select which candidate you would like to continue with: one of the existing candidates (on the left) or the new candidate (on the right). After that, you can select which Source to keep with the candidate, and whether you want to notify the other Source of the duplicate candidate. Lastly, you may finalize the merge by clicking Merge duplicates.

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