Position Roles

There are seven possible Position Roles a teammate can have in Comeet, each with their own permissions to access certain actions and data.


  • Recruiter – Recruiters have the highest access for a position. They have the ability to publish positions, post positions to job boards, and more. Your company’s hiring success begins with a great Recruiter!
  • Recruiting Coordinator – Recruiting Coordinators have full position-level access except for budget settings related to salary and referral program details. Recruiting Coordinators at the position level have to be Recruiting Coordinators at the company level.
  • Recruiting Assistant – Responsible for making sure everything gets scheduled and all candidates are duly informed. A great recruiting assistant leads to a cut in hiring time and makes your hiring team collaborate flawlessly.


  • Hiring Manager – Hiring Managers have the next most access for a position. Hiring Managers can change the position status, edit all candidates for a position, and really take charge when needed.
  • Manager – able to view all of the pertinent information about a position. If you want someone in your company to be able to see all the details about a position including all of its candidates, the Management Position Role is exactly what you are looking for.
  • Interviewer – Interviewers can be added at any time if your company prefers to outsource interviewers, but they too are always kept in the loop. Comeet makes sure interviewers are alerted to complete interview evaluations on-time to ensure a reduction in your time-to-hire.
  • Viewer – Viewers can see the most basic details about a position — the list of candidates, job description, sources, and so on. Viewers have no editing abilities.
Recruiter Recruiting Coordinator Hiring Manager Manager Recruiting Assistant Interviewer Viewer
My open positions
Share open positions
View candidates in my open positions
See and edit salary expectations
Edit roles in Hiring Team
Edit Master Workflow
Edit Scorecard
Edit position description
Change position status
Publish position
Post position to job boards
Set referral reward
Edit opening date          
Request details from agencies          
Send messages to sources          


Recruiter Recruiting Coordinator Hiring Manager Manager Recruiting Assistant Interviewer Viewer
Edit candidates
Change candidates status
Delete candidates
Change candidates position  
See candidates application email
See candidates evaluation and interview notes After interviewing the candidate
Delete comments
Change candidates status in Interview
Send emails to Source
See hired Candidates evaluation


Candidate Workflow
Recruiter Recruiting Coordinator Hiring Manager Manager Recruiting Assistant Interviewer Viewer
Schedule steps
Assign steps
Edit candidate workflow
Complete step on behalf of another teammate
Undo steps

Only available if HR Admin allows this in Company Settings or Position Settings.

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