Hires API

This API allows to be notified when a candidate is hired on Comeet. This is useful for HRIS and talent management systems that manage employees data.

To begin the integration process, contact us at partners@comeet.co and we’ll provide you with details for a sandbox account.

Webhook for hire event

The integration uses the form of a webhook. Defining the webhook requires two values:

  • Endpoint URL – each time a hire is made in Comeet the new employee’s data is sent via a POST request to this specified endpoint URL over HTTPS. If you plan to support multiple companies using Comeet make sure to provide a URL that includes a unique identifier of the user or company.
  • Secret Key – When defined, the key is used to generate a digital signature using the SHA256 algorithm on the sent data. The signature is included in the HTTP header signature allowing you to verify Comeet as the sender.

To set up this integration within Comeet, a user with admin privileges specifies these values in the Integrations page.

Candidate data


POST request includes the candidate data in the following structure:


</tbposition.hiring_manager.emailstring optionalody>

comeet_id string Unique candidate id
first_name string
middle_name string optional
last_name string optional
email string optional
time_created timestamp YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ
phone string optional
mobile_phone string optional
id_number string optional
linkedin_url string optional
source object optional
source.name string
source.type string
source.comeet_id string Unique source id
resume object optional
resume.name string
resume.url string A public url to the candidate resume. The link will be expired in 3 minutes after delivered.
picture object optional
picture.url string A public url to the candidate profile picture that expires within 200 seconds
links array optional
links[].url string
position object
position.comeet_id string Unique position id
position.name string
position.department string optional
position.hiring_manager object
position.hiring_manager.first_name string
position.hiring_manager.last_name string optional
position.hiring_manager.email string optional
position.custom_fields object Key-value pairs of custom position fields optional
custom_fields object Key-value pairs of custom candidate fields optional

Sample payload:



Expecting HTTP 200. In case of an error the response is shown to the user, make sure to include a clear and actionable description of the problem.

Test connection

The endpoint for the webhook should support a request to test the connection. This request is executed when the user adds the webhook information to make sure that both the URL and Secret Key were entered correctly.


POST request for the same endpoint with the following variation:

  • The payload is an empty object, that is: {}
  • Query string parameter test_connection=true is added to the URL.

Expecting HTTP 200. In case of an error the response is shown to the user, make sure to include a clear and actionable description of the problem.

Have more questions? Contact us at support@comeet.co